A spendthrift wins millions in a lottery but finds this is not enough to prevent his life from again spiraling out of control.

Don Henry’s wife Lisa has recently left him because of his reckless relationship with money.

Not only that, Don soon loses his once glamorous real-estate job and everything in his bank account. That is, until his empty car rolls into a petrol station and Don spends his last money on a winning lottery ticket.

Now with more money than he thinks he can spend, Don buys the most expensive house on the market from the boss who just fired him, and fights to get Lisa back.

But wanting to keep his winnings and firing a secret from her, Don tells Lisa his investments paid off, and pretends to go to work each day.

In reality, bored out of his mind and feeling empty, Don goes about living the high life, until…he has no more to spend.

Now unable to hide the truth from Lisa, it looks like Don may be alone once again and completely broke. Or will he?

Genre: Comedy

Status: Pre-production